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Date | 2015
Project Coordination | AND-RÉ

Landscape architecture | [OH!LAND studio] | Sofia pacheco + Victor Esteves

Engineering | GEG - Engineering Structures for Life

Location | Ponta Delgada, Azores

Status | idea

The general concept for the outdoor spaces proposal was sustainability, in the environmental, social and economic dimensions. With that broad guideline in mind, our team set out to design an environmentally sustainable space, which positively and actively responds to the social needs and operational demands of this type of equipment, but  also ensures its future viability, addressing  the rational management of resources, including maintenance requirements. 

School plays an important role in the development of children's social skills. The playground, as a privileged social space, should encourage interpersonal interaction and facilitate children's integration into the school community. In today’s society, physical inactivity is becoming a major risk factor for chronic diseases, so school must have a proactive role in promoting more active and healthier lifestyles. 


The designed programme focused on the creation of play areas, well-defined and prioritized circulation areas, balancing paved and unpaved areas for community use,  and on the installation of elements to encourage outdoor activities, namely sports and recreational facilities and an educational garden. 

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