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Ana Sofia Pacheco (b. 1983 , Porto) and Victor Esteves (b. 1983, Barcelos) graduated in Landscape Architecture, from the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto, Portugal, in 2006. Theirs was the pioneering class of Landscape Architecture graduates from the University of Porto.


Ana and Victor started out their professional activity as interns at renowned firms in Lisbon, oriented towards the area of public space design. Afterward, they developed their careers as Landscape Architects working in the private and public sectors, in North Portugal.


Simultaneously, they formed and took part in several Architectural/Landscape architecture collectives (atelier.porto,Tr3e,ARq.), always favouring a multidisciplinary teamwork approach, which leverages innovation and creativity through the cross-pollination of ideas. Their projects have been awarded several prizes and honours over the years, most notability:  Europan 9 Prize -  Santo Tirso, Vibeiras Young Landscape Architecture Prize 2013; the Ribeiro do Matadouro Park and the Environmental Buçaquinho Park.


With a consolidated work experience of 9 years in the field of Landscape architecture, they decided to open their own studio, which led to the creation of OH!LAND studio in Porto, in 2015.


The MANIFESTO of OH!LAND is to constantly search for creative and innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.



DESIGN the landscape with water, soil, light, rhythm and time. 

IMAGINE the territory at different scales.

INNOVATE in the method and solution.







gabinete de arquitetura paisagista
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