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Date | 2013
Landscape Architecture | Sofia pacheco + Victor Esteves 

Location | Metis, Quebec, Canadá
Area | 350 s.m. 

Status | idea


international garden festival of metis 2014

With KOKO we want to inspire CURIOSITY, making people approach and see...this surreal, yellow hanging garden. 

In an Era where everyone is digitally and permanently connected, we want to explore the sense of disconnection between man and nature, often leaving no space for plants or limiting their growth. There’s a japanese technique that formalizes this metaphor very well - KOKEDAMA - where the plant growth is limited by the size of the ball. 

From a main steel structure (4m height and supported in the existing trees), develops a network of steel cables that establish the layout for the kokedama disposal. The moss balls hang from this net structure through yellow strings at different heights creating a dramatic scenario. YELLOW means LIGHT/HAPPINESS, and with this garden we want to pass that great vibe of reconnection with nature.

The cork pavement, with a slight slope, invites to explore the garden, wander, sit or just lay down, and ENJOY the dream.


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