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Date | 2007-2008

Landscape architecture  [colectivo TR3E.arquitectos paisagistas]  

Sofia Pacheco + Sara Moras + Victor Esteves 

Architeture (Coordination) | Arquigrupo,Arquitectura e Planeamento  lda.
Collaboration | Andreia Quintas + Gilberto Pereira + Raquel Meireles
Location | Ovar
Area | 25 ha

Status / constructed

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masterplan / parque ambiental do buçaquinho

The park is located near the sea shore of Ovar, in the North of Portugal. The space is marked by two strong elements with an essential role in the construction of the landscape. Firstly the lagoons, which water surface represents 25% of the total area, as a result of the past as a water treatment station. Secondly the geological resources, since it is implanted in a location with sand deposits from the Paleozoic period.

The harsh conditions for the park implantation also enabled the development of the project, since early assumed as a proposal for the environmental recovery and adaptation to the public space conditions.

Several material actions were developed, which resulted in the creation of adaptive processes to eliminate infesting vegetation, promote autochthonous vegetation and create conditions for natural regeneration. The requalification of the lagoons, polluted by heavy metals, was the greatest challenge, adopting processes of environmental engineering for its phytodepuration. 

The appropriation of this space by people is promoted through interpretative courses, with the lagoon scenery, the recreational clearing, and the exploration of the woods.

The nature is an instrument and stimulus to the architectural forms. The Cafeteria and the Expositive Building appear as organic elements that connect with the surroundings. In the woods an observation tower emerges, dressed in Acacia trunks. In the lagoons the observatories invite to the birdwatching.This project adopted various sustainability measures, from material choices to the preference for renewable energies.


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