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Date | 2015
Project Coordination | OH!LAND STUDIO

Landscape architecture | Sofia Pacheco + Victor Esteves + Rui Carvalho + Hugo Carneiro + Cláudia Gomes 

Architecture | Gilberto Pereira + Bruno Sousa


Engineering | LAII - Lopes Associados
Location | Lisboa

Status | idea

Lisbon and the river. For far too long, the city and the ever-present Tagus River had an unresolved dichotomic relationship of proximity and distance, sort of a half-broken marriage.  The urban regeneration operations that took place since Expo’98 (Lisbon World Exposition), have facilitated the reconciliation between Lisbon and Tagus, and attracted people to the modern and enjoyable riverfront area of the city. The link between the city and the river was reestablished. The goal of this project is to return this riverfront area of Lisbon to its people, and replace the  uninviting memories of a rundown industrial landscape filled with cargo containers piled atop each other with a welcoming park area.


The park was imagined as a ‘segmentum’ (parts that form a whole), i.e. as an opportunity to design the parts and reinvent the city from the river inwards, penetrating into the consolidated adjacent inner areas. The strategy relies on the enlargement of permeable areas, promotion of recreation activities and on the installation of community support infrastructures. The main actions are the minimization of flood effects, with the implementation of Sud’s concepts, partial deconstruction of the thick wall (paredão), the creation of “plazas” with the capacity to host events and embrace the indie movement; recovery of SOHO warehouses  ((small office house Office), decontamination of the existing stretches of sand and creation of a urban beach fitted with a modular floating pool, installation of fitness equipment and playground equipment for children, and promotion of biodiversity with the implantation of trees and shrubs associable with land modeling and wind protection. 

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