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Date | 2010/2014
Landscape architecture + Architecture [colectivo aRq.]  

Bruno Sousa + Gilberto Pereira + Sofia Pacheco + Victor Esteves 

Engineering | Hernani Araújo, João Fernandes, Tito Santos, Delfim Flores
Irrigation | Ana Lindeza
Location | Santo Tirso
Area | 1,5 ha

Status | constructed

Contemporary problems need contemporary solutions. The challenge brought forth by this project is one of them. To overcome today’s disarticulated urban expansion that discourages natural resources and urban life, a proper discussion between members of a multi-disciplinary team is essential, in the attempt to create innovative designs that integrate natural and artificial elements into complete, multi-functional and sustainable urban systems that promote quality urban lifestyles in overall harmonic landscapes. 


As an urban park (1.54hectares) the intention was to create connexions through interpretive pathways in close contact with nature while redefining the local landscape simply by bringing forth the potential that it already exhumed. The project team aimed to render its character transparent, give it identity, and let it be appropriated by the population. Its new natural/urban image and function are the heart of this organism and the interaction base for all parts of the project – built, non-built, functional, pre-existing, natural, biological, human.

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